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History of Ash.Hiani Group

  • 1990  

Norita Hiani Zulkifli obtains her license to practice taxation and establishes TAXACC CONSULTANCY on 6 February 1990 as a tax firm.  The Firm operates from a rented office in Arked MARA Kajang.  Ali Shah Hashim, the co-founder supports the Firm with capital and technical know-how.

  • 1991

Ali Shah Hashim officially joins TAXACC CONSULTANCY and brings into the Firm expertise in accounting, audit, tax, secretarial, and corporate management consultancy.  TAXACC CONSULTANCY opens an office in Taman Sri Serdang Seri Kembangan Selangor, with Norita as the manager-in-charge.  Tax Agent Sani Hashim joins the Firm and he manages the Firm’s Kajang office.

  • 1992

Bank Pembangunan appoints ASH to conduct training in respect of corporation law, costing and revenue law for its Skim Usahawan Eksekutif Bumiputera and Skim Kilang Bimbingan throughout Peninsular Malaysia.  With that, the Firm expands its client base into the manufacturing sector and also beyond the borders of Selangor.

  • 1993  

Riding on after a year since the amendments to the Companies Act 1965, inter alia, requiring companies to appoint only qualified company secretaries, the Firm rapidly expands its client base with a new service: corporate secretarial & advisory (CSA) services.

  • 1996 

The Firm acquires a 3-strorey building to house its operations in Serdang Seri Kembangan Selangor.  With the acquisition of a permanent office, the Firm rebrands under the tradename “ASH.HIANI GROUP”, a co-operative of professionals with a vision to provide valued solutions in tax, audit and advisory including corporate secretarial services.  A new wordmark is launched. PPK Tiga Daerah Kelantan joins the Group as a client, marking the beginning of the Group’s entry in providing Tax Management & Advisory (TMA) services to the agriculture industry, and specifically the Group’s connection with the farmers’ association. 

Roziah Abdul Rashid obtains her license to practice as a company secretary under the Companies Act 1965, under the Group’s articleship program.  This further strenghtens the Group’s CSA services.

  • 1997

PPNJ (a plantation conglomerate in Johor) and GPSB (a major turnkey contractor, with public listed companies interest) engage the Group to provide CSA and TMA services. These corporations are public interest ones, thus requiring the Group to acquire knowledge on the unique Farmers Association Act and the Listing Requirements.

  • 1999

The Group prepares to re-engineer its processes to better manage the tax solutions for its clients with the pending self assessment system in the following year 2000.

  • 2000 

The Group is engaged to initiate the setting up of an association for the SMEs in the waste disposal industry in Selangor.  This paves the way for the Group to expand its client base throughout Selangor. ACR qualifies as a CPA under the Group’s articleship programme.

  • 2001  

The Group establishes the landmark interpretation of the definition of “Kumpulan Wang Ahli” under the Income Tax Act 1967 after a series of presentations to the Technical Department of the IRB.  This is a major revenue law reference point for cooperatives.

  • 2004  

ASH accepts UiTM’s Senate invitation to be a member of the panel of academic advisors of UiTM’s Faculty of Accountancy.  This is part of the Group’s corporate social responsibility initiative.

Meanwhile, ASH completes its advisory work with the audit firm of Aljafree & Co. Zailisah Mohamed Rani qualifies to practice as a company secretary under the Companies Act 1965, under the Group’s articleship programme.  The Group now has 6 professionally qualified company secretaries servicing its clients.

  • 2005  

ACR qualifies as a practicing tax agent whilst SZ qualifies as an practicing auditor, under the Group’s articleship programme. With that, the Group strengthens its accounting, audit, tax and due diligence solutions.  Meanwhile, ASH is appointed director of a subsidiary of a public listed company involved in off-shore crane fabrication.

ASH takes leave to read his LL.M in IIUM.

  • 2006 

ASH authors an article “Merger of the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) and the Securities Commission (SC) – a Super Regulator in the Making?” and contributes it to the Accountants Today, journal of the MIA. ASH completes his Masters Degree in Law (L.LM) program in IIUM.

  • 2007  

The Group completes its turnaround consultancy services for one of the SMEs in the off-shore support oil & gas industry.

Meanwhile, PPN Perak joins the Group as a client seeking tax solutions.  ASH authors an article “Let’s be Fair – Is Fair Value an Experiment or the Ultimate Truth?” and contributes it to the Accountancy Today, journal of MIA. Meanwhile, ASH accepts the appointment as a member of the Board of Studies of the School of Infrastructure Business of the Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University College (KLIUC).  The acceptance is part of the Group initiative to share experience and knowledge with local institutions of higher learning.

  • 2008  

The Group acquires a twin unit of 3-storey office building in Bandar Baru Bangi Selangor.  The Group ceases its operations in Taman Sri Serdang and moves to Bandar Baru Bangi Selangor.

Meanwhile, the Group completes its first forensic audit assignment for one of the major corporations in the agriculture industry in Johor. Meanwhile, ASH is elected as the 1st chairman of Perbadanan CBD Perdana 1 Cyberjaya.

  • 2009  

The Group sets up a branch office in Johor Bahru to cater to the rapidly growing client base in  Johor.  Farhan is appointed the manager-in-charge of the Johor Office.     A major group of companies with public interest in the bio-technology industry, with operations throughout Malaysia and Indonesia, joins the Group seeking CSA solutions.  Also, a prominent foundation seeks the Group’s advise on corporate secretarial & advisory (CSA) services and this marks the beginning of the Group management of foundations and non-profit making organisations.

  • 2010  

ASH accepts the appointment as chief examiner of the corporate governance of the ICSA. ASH later co-authors the book “Corporate Governance: Practice of the Company Secretary” with Professor Dr Zubaidah Zainal Abidin.  ASH also, contributes, a case to the book on “Integrated Case Study”. 

ASH accepts the invitation to sit as a panel member of a domestic inquiry of a government-linked company.

  • 2011  

ASH contributes articles on accounting case studies to the Asian Journal on Case Research.  A prominent client of the Group, in the facilities management industry, ventures into the Saudi Arabian market and engages the Group as its advisor on corporate matters in the Middle East.  The Middle East is a new frontier for the Group’s CSA division.

  • 2012  

Ibrahim Ghazali, a chartered accountant of 20 years, joins the Group as the audit manager. A prominent client of the Group, in the cosmetics and skin care industry, ventures into the Indonesia market and engages the Group as its advisor on financial and strategic corporate matters in Indonesia.  Indonesia is a new frontier for the Group’s CSA division.  Meanwhile, a prominent manufacturer with a group of companies based in Shah Alam, with operations in Perak engages the Group as its auditors and tax agents.  

  • 2013

Roziah qualifies with a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) under the Group’s Continued Professional Education (CPE) program.

A prominent service provider with a group of companies in the heavy machineries industry based in Selangor, with branches in Penang, Perak, Johor, Terengganu, Sabah and Sarawak, engages the Group as its auditors and tax agents. 

  • 2014

Farhan qualifies with a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) under the Group’s Continued Professional Education (CPE) program.  Farhan later passes the examination as a GST tax agent conducted by the Royal Customs of Malaysia.  Meanwhile, Nur Mashlihah qualifies as a chartered accountant with the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) under the Group’s articleship program.

With the impending implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Act in 2015, the Group kicks its GSTMA with 2 session of public lecture on GST conducted by ASH.