Meaning of Ash.Hiani Group’s logo

Colours in the Wordmark

The wordmark of Ash.Hiani Group comprises 2 primary colours, namely blue and red.  These colours were specially selected by the founders of the Group because of the colours special inherent meaning that reflects the values of Ash.Hiani Group.


Indigo blue (9, 31, 146)

Indigo blue dominates the wordmark of Ash.Hiani Group. It symbolises the unique sense of loyalty and dependability of one stakeholder of the Group, whether it may be the clients, the staff, the shareholders and other stakeholders, to another.  It also symbolises the type of industry that we are in which demands a high sense of integrity with much interplay of the various standards, legal and ethical compliance.

Also, we recruit and retain our people who possess the traits associated with indigo blue:

  • loyal
  • confident
  • wise
  • persevere
  • orderly

Red purple (228, 0, 120)

The red purple is chosen because it blends harmoniously with indigo blue already used.  It symbolises our high energy, passion, action, ambition and determination in our mind and our work processes to provide the promised deliverables to achieve the desired value for our stakeholders, these include our clients, our people, the Group and our shareholders.

Also, we recruit and retain our people who possess the traits associated with red purple:

  • action oriented
  • energetic
  • passionate about work
  • self driven
  • competitive


Words in the wordmark

The wordmark carry the word “ASH” and “HIANI”.  These are acronym of the names of the founders of the Group, weaved together to deliver the trade name of ASH.HIANI.  The word “Group” is favoured because it reflects the multi discipline of the ASH.HIANI.  The word “Group” is drawn in such a way so as to be linked to “ASH.HIANI” is to symbolise the various business arms business working together to deliver the deliverables to the stakeholders.

Under the wordmark are the words “Tax”, “Audit”, and “Advisory”.  These are included to carry the following meaning:


Untitled-1  Tax

Tax is one of our core business activities. We help our clients understand and react effectively to tax developments.  This we achieve through our Tax Management & Advisory (TMA) arm of business by providing services in the form of tax preparation, tax compliance, tax planning advisory, tax audit and investigation mitigation and tax agent representation works in areas of tax such as income tax, GST and RPGT.

Untitled-1  Audit

Through our Audit & Assurance (A&A) we provide audit deliverables that are designed to provide objective reviews of evidence for the purpose of providing an independent assessment, not only limited to statutory audit but may also extend to include operational audit for operational efficiencies and effectiveness; financial audit to check the reliability of financial and operational systems; forensic audit with the objective to evaluate allegations of unethical business practices and financial and operational misconduct to determine if allegations are substantiated and to prevent future occurrences.

Untitled-1  Advisory

Advisory is also the mainstay of our business.  Our service activities include counsel, advice, facilitation, process design and limited training.  This we achieve by acting as a company secretary to our clients under our Corporate & Secretarial Advisory (CSA) services. Other advisory services are designed together with our client with the objective to add value in the development or modification of processes, procedures, and controls to minimize risk and achieve stated objectives, including follow-up engagements to evaluate plans and actions taken to correct reported conditions.

Symbols in the wordmark

The wordmark carry the following symbols:


this replaces the period in the statutory name of the trade name “Ash.Hiani Group”.  It is a square.  Used as an idiom “on the square” it means straightforward, honest and just; in another idiom “in square” means in agreement and correct to the findings. These are values that we believe in.  We believe in straightforward, honest and just relationship with all our stakeholders, clients and our people included.  In delivering our deliverables, we do it with due care and diligence.